Your Alternative Short-Term Cash Flow Resource Provider – Short Term Loan

Your Alternative Short-Term Cash Flow Resource Provider


American Lending Company serves people and businesses that need a short term loan. We are Savannah’s best alternative short-term cash flow solution. We serve people and small businesses from Savannah, Pooler and Bluffton. Our financial services are geared to those who want a short term loan. Our loan terms are typically 90 days, however, there are times when things happen and our clients need an extra few days. We work with our clients, which we think separates us from our competitors.


If you find yourself in a position where you need a couple hundred, or a couple thousand dollars for a short period of time, and if you can pay it back in 90 days, a title loan is a great way to get a short term loan.


Most of our clients come to use because they are in the middle of a crisis and need a lump sum of money to get over a financial hurdle. We want to be the company that serves you if you experience a situation like that. Although we are located in Savannah, we have clients that drive from Pooler and Bluffton to do business with us.


One of many benefits about working with American Lending Company is that we don’t run credit checks. Because we don’t process your loan through a lending company we can you a short term loan quickly, usually within 15 minutes or less. And because we don’t do a credit check, your credit doesn’t matter.


We offer loans anything between $100 on up. Many of our clients are small businessmen and women who need a short-term supply of money to get through the next week or two.


We are here to help people and small businesses make it through financial emergences. We are Savannah’s best alternative short-term cash flow solution. If you don’t have time to get a credit card, wait at the bank for small loan approval and want help immediately, come visit us. We are located at the corner of Waters and Derenne.

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