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Benefits of a Title Pawn

Financial Emergency

Title pawns serve a specific niche in the finance world. That niche summed up in one word is “Emergency”. Usually, people are able to handle their finances even through a job loss or when they are forced to juggle multiple jobs to pay the bills; however when a large unexpected cost enters into someone’s life – that creates a financial emergency.

The cause of the emergency could be anything, but the solution inevitably requires more money than a person or company has (We also serve businesses). Traditional lending, the kind of lending provided by a bank, can help but it takes time to get approved for the money you need – if you are approved at all.

Banks use your credit history and some times collateral to determine whether or not to give you a loan. It takes a little bit of time for them to run your credit report and review it. If you don’t have good credit the bank most likely won’t give you a loan.

Title pawns can overcome these challenges and more. At American Lending Company, we lend money to people by simply using their car, truck or other vehicle as collateral against the loan. This makes the lending process simple and fast. There is no need for us to do a credit check and your history makes no difference. It usually takes 15 minutes or less to get you the money you need. All of our loans are 100 percent confidential, we don’t tell anyone anything.

Businesses have Emergencies Too
American Lending Company is a proud member of the Savannah Small Business Chamber and serves businesses too. We have had many CEOs come in and get a quick loan to buy supplies for their upcoming project. Whether it’s a time crunch situation, or if you have already maxed out your company’s credit card, American Lending Company can help you get through a tough time and keep your business running.

Overview of Benefits
• No Credit Check at a Title Pawn
• Fast – Usually 15 Minutes or Less
• Credit History Doesn’t Matter
• Confidential – We Don’t Tell Anyone
• We Serve Small Businesses and individuals

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