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What is a title pawn?
At American Lending Company a title pawn is a short term loan which is secured using your vehicle as collateral.

What do I need to get a title pawn?
All you need is the title to your vehicle, and a government issued ID.

How much does a Title Pawn cost?
Interest rates vary based upon the amount you borrow, and our interest rates are competitive with others in the area.

Do I get to keep my car?
Yes! You get to keep your car during the entire time you’re making payments.

How do I make payments?
We accept credit/debit card payments by phone during business hours. You can also pay with a money order 24 hrs. a day using our convenient drop box located at our office.  We do not accept cash payments.

What if I have bad credit?

We do not report to credit agencies, or check your credit before you get a title loan.

Where are you located?
We are located conveniently at the corner or waters ave and DeRenne ave.
5815 1/2 Waters ave.
Savannah, Ga 31404
(912) 352-0035


Federal and State law requires disclosures about the terms and cost of consumer credit. All charges and fee information will be disclosed to you by American Lending Company, in person before you sign any agreement. Carefully review all the information provided to you by our loan managers before signing any agreement. You are under no obligation to accept the terms provided by American Lending Company prior to signing a contract.

American Lending Company promotes the informed use of Consumer credit by adhering to federal and state regulations requiring disclosures about pawn charges, extensions and terms. Loan APR’s range from 96%-304% and your rate is fixed for the term of your loan. Non-payment of your loan may result in the repossession of your vehicle. Loans are typically 90 days in length, however renewals are available and no cost if you need to extend your payment terms. In accordance with State and Federal law, all customers will be presented, with the exact charges and other details of their car title pawn, in writing.

This website is a pawn transaction solicitation. It does not represent a guaranteed offer and requires corporate approval. Certain limitations apply. Loan amounts subject to vehicle condition, mileage, and value. This web site is affiliated with American lending company, a Title Pawn provider serving Savannah, Ga and the Coastal Empire for more than 30 years.

Money for Emergency – Short Term Loan

There are a lot of reasons why people come to American Lending Company in Savannah, but it usually boils down to one thing. Something unforeseen happens in someone’s life and they need money for emergency purposes. That is why we are here, we are here to help you get money you need quickly whether you have bad credit or no credit.

Whether it is a funeral, or an expensive home repair such as a roof repair, or you need a new air conditioning unit. Emergencies are expensive.

When those unexpected events in life happen, a short term loan can be very helpful to get money for emergency purposes. We have all been there before – so let us be there for you.

At American Lending Company, we provide short term loans to people who have credit issues but need money for emergency reasons. You can use your car, truck or motorcycle as collateral for the short term loan. That is how we are able to get you the money you need fast without running a credit check.

Our loans are short term, usually for loans longer than 90 days more traditional financing is recommended. It is very easy to get the financial resources you need to address your needs ASAP.

We also provide assistance for small businesses who need money for payroll, supplies or for other reasons. What ever the reason, please come by and speak to an associate of ours. We are sure that we will be able to get you the money you need quickly so you can get on with your life.

We are located in Savannah, but serve the Pooler and Bluffton areas as well.

All loans are confidential, we do not share anything with anyone. No one will know you were here. Come by and see us to get money for emergency purposes, we are located at 5815 Waters Ave., in Savannah and let us help you get out of this emergency crunch.

Small Business Loans

American Lending Company helps small businesses get the money they need fast with small loans. We pride ourselves on our ability to help the small business community when they need an alternative short-term solution so they can keep their businesses up and running. Most of us in business have faced economic challenges that are outside of our control resulting in reduced credit ratings and a lack of financial resources.

Our business loan solutions are for businessmen and women who need money fast and don’t have time to wait on a credit check or perhaps cannot qualify for a loan. If you own a business and need to buy supplies, or pay payroll and don’t have the money you need – come see us. We can help you, usually in 15 minutes.

Whether your business is located in Savannah, Pooler or Bluffton we want to help our local economy by supporting you when you need it. Call us at 912-352-0035 if you have any questions.

Every loan we do at American Lending Company is 100 percent confidential. We will not share any information with anyone.

To get started on your loan, bring your vehicle, title, proof of insurance and a proof of residence (a piece of mail with your name and address on it) to our office at 5815 Waters Ave., Savannah, GA.

Some examples of small business loans we make are, c-store owners who need a tanker load of gas or a big inventory shipment before a holiday weekend, construction companies who did not get a draw on the job and still need to make payroll, professional offices waiting on a settlement who need a short term loan. There are many reasons small businesses need short term loans. American Lending Company has been providing emergency short term loans for small businesses for more than 30 years in the Savannah area. If you get into a cashflow crunch remember American Lending Company for your short term emergency loan!

We are proud members of the Small Business Chamber of Savannah and as a small business ourselves we know the financial challenges that small business face. No matter your industry; how many credit cards you already have maxed out we can help. Best of all, we don’t run credit checks. We streamline the loan process by using auto equity. You keep your car or truck and get the money you need to buy supplies for the upcoming job. It is a very easy and quick process that will have you back in business in no time.

Title Loans Can Help People with Bad Credit

For people with bad credit it’s especially hard to get loans. What are you supposed to do? In this day and age, it can be hard to get a loan. You need money and you need it soon, but you feel like you’re stuck. You feel like there’s no option for you. Actually, there is an option. If you have a clear title on your vehicle you can get a title pawn loan.

What is a title pawn loan? A title pawn loan is when you take something you own, whether it be a car, motorcycle, or your boat and you receive a loan against the value of it. If you are using a car or truck title you can still drive it, you don’t have to give them up. You are required to store your motorcycle, boat or RV.

A title pawn is a fast and confidential way to borrow money against the value of something you own without your credit being an issue. These loans are typically short term and they’re quick with getting you your money.

American Lending Company began making these types of loans in 1985 and have helped thousands of people in the Savannah area experiencing financial emergencies since. Most banks are no longer interested in short term high risk loans. People with bad credit need to borrow money in financial emergencies, title pawn loans can provide a good short term solution to these emergency situations. A title pawn loan can help people with bad credit because they do not check credit history. Title pawns are different than traditional loans, they require borrowers to pay interest every thirty days to continue using their vehicles. Borrowers should keep this in mind when borrowing money at any title pawn. You should also have a means of paying a title pawn off in about 90 days.

How can this help you? Loans for people with bad credit are a sticky subject. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and you have bad credit, at American Lending Company you can obtain a title pawn loan for as low as $100 and up to $10,000. This is helpful to anyone who needs to have something in their home repaired like an air-conditioning unit, or if you need some money to quickly address an emergency. Title pawn loans are helpful short-term loans.

Need Help with Bad Credit?

American Lending Company has provided these types of loans to people in the Savannah, Bluffton and Pooler area since 1985. We are the oldest title pawn in the state of Georgia. If you have bad credit and need a loan, come see us at 5815 Waters Ave., Savannah 31404. You can also call us at 912-352-0035 with any questions you might have. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

“If you find yourself in an emergency situation and you have bad credit, you can obtain a title pawn loan for as low as $100 and up to $10,000.”

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